By tarjan, January 17, 2010 1:29 pm

This page summarizes the progress of my realtime raytracer and provides the sources.

Features so far:

Bounding Interval Hierarchy, Shadow Tracing, obj-File import, font rendering, Multithreading via OpenMP, Surface Area Heuristic

To be implemented:

Frustum Tracing, SIMD, texture mapping, custom scene description file, benchmarks, Iterative Tree Traversal instead of Recursion

if you are interested in Sources and Binaries you can Download them here:

Visual Studio 2010 x64 Solution (faster)

Visual Studio 2008 x86 Solution


Unnamed Realtime Ray Tracer – Copyright by Jyrki Friedrich. All rights reserved.
You are free to use Unnamed Realtime Ray Tracer for non-commercial purposes.
for all other projects: mail t4rj4n@gmail.com

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